Q. What astrology system do you use?

Vedic astrology.

Q. Do you do consultation?

  • Yes. At present we are offering three types of services. You can choose one as per your choice and requirement.
  • Ask one question ( you will get answer through email)
  • Phone consultation for 15 minutes
  • A complete detailed consultation (Either through phone or personal meet)

Q. Can astrology change my life?

You can change your life by using astrology as a guide. It helps you to take right steps at right time to reap maximum benefits.

Q. I don’t believe in astrology. How can you prove it to be scientific?

Why the burden of proof always lies on astrologers? If you want then prove it as unscientific!

Q. Why should I go to an astrologer and not a psychologist?

You should go to both. What information a group of psychologists can provide you over a period of years, can be provided by a Vedic astrologer in a few minutes just by observing your horoscope.

Q. When will I die?

Nobody can predict death. If you are more interested in death than life, you are already dead dude!

Q. Can you help me win in gambling, lottery etc.?

No. But I can help you to lose in that, if you wish. That was a joke!

Q. Can you make me rich?

No one can make you rich other than you. It is the law of nature.

Q. Is everything pre decided?

Not. It’s all about karmic patterns.

Q. What are your specializations?

  • Medical astrology
  • Personality Study (SWOT Analysis)
  • Educational or Professional astrology
  • Relationship Counselling

ujjwal pathak
ujjwal pathak

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